Aspen - YG25 Asphalt - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen - YG25 Cuoio - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen - YG25 Old Yellow - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen - YG25 Tarmac - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen - YG25 Thunderstorm - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen - YG26 Asphalt - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen - YG26 Cuoio - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen - YG26 Old Yellow - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen - YG26 Thunderstorm - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen Bear - AG122 Black - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen Bear - AG122 Crocodile - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Aspen Bear - AG124 Black - Sneaker (high) Placeholder

Blackstone shoes for men

The Blackstone men's shoes are stylish and sturdy, without compromising on the perfect fit. Are you looking for a leather, sheepskin lined, rugged high-top laced-up boot which keeps your feet warm throughout the winter? Or a sneaker to walk around in during the summer? Blackstones are the perfect shoes for you!

Choose your own style with your Blackstones

Blackstone's range for men includes sneakers, boots, lace shoes, ankle boots and lace boots. Our men's shoes are available in, among others, black, brown, cognac, white, but also in colours of that season's trend. This makes Blackstone your perfect partner-in-crime to complete your outfit. A sturdy boot, a sporty sneaker or a neat laced-up. The exact accent you need to give your outfit a unique and contemporary twist.

Men's shoes with character

Blackstone's men's shoes have a clear DNA, both in style and in the use of qualitative materials. The Blackstone style is rugged, comfortable and contemporary. You find this style in the characteristic Blackstone sole, the use of quality materials such as leather, suede and washed canvas and the care with which Blackstone shoes are created by our craftsmen. But the Blackstone DNA is also in the sizing. We want our shoes to be available for everyone, including men with large shoe sizes. The Blackstone men's shoes are available up to size 50.

Blackstone shoes fit perfectly

Besides being stylish and rugged, comfort is just as important. The heels of all our shoes are extra padded for maximum comfort and strength. We only use sheepskin for our fur-lined men's shoes to keep your feet comfortably warm in the winter.

Curious about our collection? View our full range shoes for men here and order your Blackstone men's shoes online! Easy online shopping and payment with iDEAL, Klarna, Mastercard and many other payment methods. Free shipping worldwide and free returns within the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany. Order before 23:59 and receive your package the next day!