Blackstone foowear was founded in 1992

Driven by craftsmanship we launched our famous worker boot by Blackstone. From day one, we are challenging the and average. We push for better. Today Blackstone offers, boots, sneakers and lace-ups for men and women. The collection always adheres to our basis and brand values: tough and stylish with timeless designs. Without making concessions to the perfect fit. Our look and feel is highly appreciated by our fans worldwide. We are not here to be average, we are here to be awesome.

Blackstone story

At Blackstone, we say: it's better to be obsessed than ordinary. As a Dutch family business we started as a leather specialists and craft shoemakers. To compete with the renowned companies, we had te under-promise and over-deliver. We had to be picky in our choice of materials and only work with premium materials to create timeless designs with perfect fit, perfect feel and finished lines. Obsessed by proving being our best. Every day.


From worker and new city boots to clean sneakers: Blackstone is never your average shoe. This belief is firmly embedded in ou heritage. We are convinced that quality shoemaking requires you to go the extra mile. And we love to walk that talk.

And always stand out in the crowd. That's our role in life, and we live up to that. It is the powerful DNA of our Blackstone brand. It's in our sense of quality and our carefully designed collection of casual and dressy styles.

If you are striving to find your personal signature, Blackstone is the perfect place to start. Standing in our shoes makes you everything you want to be... but never average. Because you are not. And never will be. Ant that's were we meet.

Not your average footwear


Key Moments in the History of Blackstone

1926: Founded in Gouda

Grandfather J.A. de Bruijn founded his leather trade company in Gouda, the Netherlands. With pride, he supplied the finest selection of leather to local craftsmen and shoemakers, unaware that almost 100 years later, his grandchildren would conquer the world with the same passion for quality leather. We simply push it further.

1992: Blackstone is born

The best decision we could make. Excellent material must manifest itself in a perfect fit and perfect look and feel. Driven by our search for quality, we designed and produced our first iconic work boots. A proud start to our success story.

2003: Lifestyle brand

There is more to life than just work. So, Blackstone introduced a broader collection of footwear and fashion. This simple step opened a new world for stylish designers, makers, and shoe lovers. The world starts to discover Blackstone. And we love it.

2010: Rebirth of cool

Rebirth of Blackstone. We felt the urge to return to the basics. Less is more. Greater focus on natural materials. More functionality-driven designs. The result was an incredibly successful introduction of our popular Blackstone sheepskin boots and a number of new icons, including the infamous 6" Original boot. So cool.

2018: Smart casual look

From sketch to shop window, Blackstone brings you smart casual everyday shoes with a downtown look. Casual models PM56, RM50, and XG73 will make you ready to dive into modern society. They embody a new and truly chillaxed style, designed tob ring you joy.

2023: Global presence

We're absolutely beaming with pride as we announce the launch of our fresh new website, celebrating the rich history of the Blackstone brand and its widespread presence across Europe and beyond. (It's time to unleash our inner dance maestro and get ready to groove like never before!)