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The boots from Blackstone Footwear are the perfect choice for your wardrobe. Premium materials, sturdy soles and warmly padded models. Lace-up boots, neat chelsea boots and casual zipper boots, made of premium suede, leather and nubuck. Where Blackstone became known for its iconic Original 6 inch boots, our collection has been expanded over the years with a beautiful collection of different boots for women. Boots with character, made of beautiful materials, a supple foxing sole and a perfect fit. Feminine boots with a sturdy Blackstone touch.

Sheepskin boots for women

Boots lined with sheepskin are a must in your wardrobe! Wonderfully warm but also extra comfortable and breathing thanks to the material Blackstone boots with sheepskin are 100% lined with really soft sheepskin from Australia. Go for sturdy lace-up boots, zip-up boots, mountain boots or Blackstone Originals

Blackstone history

Blackstone Footwear was founded in 1992. Over the years, the Blackstone collection has been expanded with different types of models. Boots, sneakers and lace-ups for men, women and kids. Made from premium materials and designed with love. The collection always sticks to our basics and brand value: sturdy and stylish with timeless designs, without compromising on the perfect fit.

Shop online

In the official Blackstone Footwear webshop you are assured of a wide collection of boots. Is your desired size no longer available? Then please contact our customer service. Easy online shopping and payment with iDEAL, Klarna, Mastercard and many other payment methods. Free shipping worldwide and free returns within the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany. Order before 23:59 and receive your order the next day!