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Aspen Dylan - YG08 Black Grey - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Ivar - AG118 Antartica - Sneaker (mid) Placeholder
Ivar - AG118 Tarmac - Sneaker (mid) Placeholder
Jerrik - AG115 Saloon - Desert boots Placeholder
Jerrik - AG115 Ivy Green - Desert boots Placeholder
Stellan - AG116 Saloon - Sneaker (low) Placeholder
Ivar - AG118 Black - Sneaker (mid) Placeholder
Jaylen mid - AG317 Dodo - Desert boots Placeholder
Brody - AG311 Lion - Boots Placeholder
Stellan - AG116 Overland Trek - Sneaker (low) Placeholder
Aspen Bear - AG122 Crocodile - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Greg - UG21 Dark Brown - Boots Placeholder

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