Akna - YL52 Bone Brown - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Akna - YL52 Fields Of Rye - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Akna - YL55 Fossil - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Akna - YL55 Nero - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Akna - YL55 Off White - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Akna - YL55 Rust - Sneaker (high) Placeholder
Akna - YL57 Iceland - Sneaker (high) Placeholder New
Akna - YL57 Nero - Sneaker (high) Placeholder New
Akna - YL57 Rust - Sneaker (high) Placeholder New
Arnaq - QL48 Antartica - Sneaker (mid) Placeholder New
Arnaq - QL48 Fossil - Sneaker (mid) Placeholder
Arnaq - QL48 Iceland - Sneaker (mid) Placeholder

Blackstone women’s sneakers are comfortable and give your outfit a sturdy yet clean look! We use premium materials for our shoes. The high quality leather nubuck and suede ensures a beautiful appearance and a perfect fit. A part of our Blackstone sneakers have lightweight soles with a nice suspension, so that every step makes you happy. Whether you're going for a minimalist silhouette or a sporty runner, Blackstone sneakers for women give the premium feel you're looking for.

Blackstone’s women’s sneakers

You can find our sneakers in different materials. Thanks to the fine properties of leather, we use this material a lot in sneakers for women. For example, we use a luxurious smooth type, which gives the women’s shoes a beautiful clean look. But soft nubuck is also common in the collection, this material provides a sophisticated casual look. Our leather shoes are often lined with flexible leather, which makes the shoes wonderfully comfortable to wear. Washed canvas models are also part of Blackstone's women’s sneaker collection. The cotton gives a summery feel and the vegetable material is perfect for warm weather. The natural materials are breathable and pleasant to wear.

Musthave sneakers

The classic sneakers are always good, which is why best-selling items return in the winter and summer collections. Nevertheless, we also like to follow trends that match our identity and we are constantly looking for innovation. The new materials, soles and designs are tested several times to ensure quality and the perfect fit. Models are added every summer and winter. This is how we provide must-haves and all-time favorites for every collection! You can go to Blackstone for minimalistic shoes, sturdy sneakers and runners

Shop online

In the official Blackstone Footwear webshop you are assured of a wide collection of shoes. Is your desired size no longer available? Then please contact our customer service. Easy online shopping and payment with iDEAL, Klarna, Mastercard and many other payment methods. Free shipping worldwide and free returns within the Netherlands, Belgium & Germany. Order before 23:59 and receive your order the next day!