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Shoe care

  • Should I treat my shoes in advance?
    To keep your shoes in good condition we advise you to pre-treat your new shoes with a premium quality transparant protection spray that keep your shoes save from dirt, water and wrinkles.
  • How do I need to treat smooth leather?
    Remove dry dirt with a soft brush. Then clean the leather with a premium cleanser, suitable for smooth leather. Aggressive cleaning agents such as multi-purpose wipes can cause the leather to be damaged more quickly. Always follow the intrusctions of the cleanser for best result. If needed use a shoe cream to polish the color of the leather again.
  • How do I need to treat nubuck and suede?
    Suede an nubuck are beautiful but delicate leathers. Therefor use a good quality suede brush and / or nubuck block.
  • How do I need to keep my shoes if I do not wear them?
    If stored, keep your shoes away from direct sunlight. In case of boots use shoetrees to keep the shape in best condition.
  • What is the best way to dry wet shoes?
    Do not dry your wet shoes close to a heat source like the radiator. The heat dries the leather too quickly and reduces the vitality. Dry your shoes gently, possible with a newspaper plug in it.
  • My local shoestore does not want to offer warrenty
    If you purchased the shoes from your local shoe store, they are legally obliged to provide warrenty. In case they fall short in this, please contact our customer service ([email protected]) and let us mediate in this. Please note you always need any kind of prove that you bought the shoes in the specific point of sale.