Chunky Sneakers

The Chunky Sneakers, also known as the (Ugly) Dad Sneakers have become known in America and originally come from the 90's. Since 2019, the trend has spread to the Netherlands. The sneakers are generally a bit bigger and more robust. The chunky sneaker itself through a coarse sole. Sometimes this model is even experienced as 'clumsy' due to the coarse elements, it owes its name chunky sneaker.

But why is this sneaker sometimes called Dad Sneaker? In the 90s, the chunky sports sneaker 90 was worn by fathers.

These sneakers are also a real must-have for the new season. Add these chunky sneakers to your collection! The chunky sneakers from Blackstone have a lightweight EVA sole and soft footbed, for a comfortable feeling. The combination of the high quality nubuck and leather gives a comfortable fit and a premium look.

Chunky sneakers for men

We have a wide selection of Chunky sneakers for men. For example, the color Dusty Olive, Navy, Curry or the new Bronze mist. The chunky sneaker TG43 is our latest model in our sneaker family and a must-have. These premium sneakers fit perfectly with skinny jeans.

TW92 Coconut Chunky Sneaker

Chunky Sneakers for women

The Chunky Sneakers for women are also very popular! They come in different color variants such as Coconut, Ginger Root, Curry, Vintage & many more. The sneakers are easy to combine. For example, go for a midi dress, cropped mom jeans or flared pants.


Chunky's for him

Chunky's for her