Chunky Sneakers

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, certain trends resurface with a bold statement Chunky sneakers, often lovingly referred to as "dad sneakers," have undoubtedly secured their place at the forefront of contemporary footwear fashion. As the Dutch design team at Blackstone Footwear bring their unique touch to this trend, let's explore the origins of chunky sneakers and the reasons behind their affectionate "dad sneaker" nickname.

The Rise of Chunky Sneakers

Chunky sneakers burst onto the fashion scene in the 1990s and rapidly gained popularity. Characterized by their thick, oversized soles and bold designs, these sneakers presented a striking departure from the sleek and minimalist styles of the past. The inspiration for chunky sneakers came from the functional and athletic footwear of the time, which focused on providing optimal support and comfort. 

The term "chunky" precisely captures the essence of these sneakers, as it refers to the substantial and bulky appearance of their soles. While the shoe's upper may feature various materials and designs, it's the prominent and eye-catching sole that defines the chunky sneaker style. This unique aesthetic has won the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and celebrities alike, propelling these shoes into a timeless trend.


Chunky sneakers for men

We have carefully created our Chunky sneakers for men. They are crafted with multiple materials from soft Suede, smooth leather, and off course Mesh for a more sportive look. The chunky sneaker "Madison" is our latest model in our sneaker family and a must-have. These premium sneakers fit perfectly with skinny jeans and if you'd are you can ware a pair of white sports socks to complete your outfit.


Chunky sneakers for women

In the world of women's footwear, there's a trend that continues to capture the hearts of fashion enthusiasts and comfort seekers alike – chunky sneakers. As Blackstone Footwear, renowned for their commitment to using premium materials, introduces their take on this beloved style, let's explore the enduring allure of chunky sneakers for women and our dedication to crafting exceptional designs.

The sneakers are easy to combine. For example, go for a skinny jeans, midi dress, cropped mom jeans or flared pants. Wear white sport socks to make your outfit more sporty.