Of course, your outfit is only really complete with the right accessories to go with the shoes. In addition to the perfect pair of shoes, we also have socks, laces, insoles and maintenance products. A Blackstone shoe matched with nice Blackstone socks. Wear the low footies (sneaker socks) with your Blackstone sneakers. Do you prefer to wear higher socks? Then shop the classic socks, available in black and dark denim.

Sometimes your shoes need fresh, new laces. The iconic Blackstone boots such as the AM02 are equipped with premium leather laces, in beautiful matching colors. Ready for new laces? Shop them directly in the official webshop.

After receiving your new pair of shoes, you naturally want to wear them immediately. But it is also important that your shoes remain neat and tidy. Therefore, always use a good shoe maintenance product such as the Carbon Lab protection spray or the Carbon Lab leather care after purchase. To make it even easier for you, we have put together the CARBON LAB X BLACKSTONE maintenance kit. With this you are immediately provided with the best maintenance products!

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