Sustainable feetprint

Sustainability is our number one goal for 2024. We walk the talk with our international partners of the Leather Working Group. In the future, we would like to have full control over all our complicated supply chains. It is a mutual effort that is gearing up in the international industry.

From sustainable coloring to a stronger focus on recycling and sustainable base materials, we are committed to taking these steps. It's a long walk, but it aligns with Blackstone's future vision.


Leather Working Group

All Blackstone Footwear have achieved Leather Working Group certification.

Always seeking to drive positive change in our own production and taking responsibility also in the leather-making industry, Blackstone has been a member of the Leather Working Group since 2023. Committed to driving continuous improvement, this not-for-profit organization champions environmental best practices in the tanning industry along with its more than 1800 members worldwide.

Note: we expect all our used leathers to be sustainably sourced from 2024. Working on the good.

Small Changes, Big Impact

We prioritize making a significant environmental impact through small changes. To minimize our carbon footprint, we're strategically locating production sites closer to home and embracing eco-friendly transportation like boats and trains. Our commitment to renewable energy is evident through our installation of 330 solar panels on our rooftop. We prioritize partnerships with BCI and OEKO-TEX-certified suppliers who uphold ethical and sustainable practices. Our packaging materials are consciously chosen, utilizing FSC-certified cardboard and recyclable, PVC-free plastics. Together, we can make a difference.


Last mile delivery

The climate is changing at a pace that demands action. DHL is the carrier to go the extra mile and offset emissions through the corporate GoGreen program.

At Blackstone we’re working hard to reduce our emissions. Any CO2 we still emit in delivery is offset through the DHL GoGreen program. After all, joining forces is the only way to achieve real change!

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