We know our leathers

Traditionally, our shoes were crafted by experienced artisans who possess extensive knowledge of the trade. Each pair is made using techniques passed down through generations. The blend of craftsmanship and premium materials lends our products a luxurious aesthetic and texture.

Materials frequently utilized include full grain pull up leathers, exquisite nubucks, and sleek luxury leather. We prioritize the utmost care in selecting and evaluating the leather's quality.

Leather working group

Signature Sheepskin

Blackstone Sheepskin boots are an essential in every wardrobe. Sheepskin provides remarkable comfort with its excellent moisture regulation, ensuring ultimate and incomparable comfort whether it's chilly or not. It has always been an integral part of our winter collections. With a 100% sheepskin lining, our shoes guarantee warmth on cold winter days and an incredibly comfortable, breathable fit.

Don't follow the herd; make a personal choice from our range of stylish lace-up boots, convenient zip-up boots, rugged mountain boots, or Blackstone 6” Originals.


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30 countries


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New technologies

Technology is our ally in maintaining premium quality while simultaneously increasing our capacity. And is does the trick. It has revolutionized our approach to collection, enabling us to produce a diverse range of shoes and provide our customers with a wider selection of styles and sizes.

Craftsmanship and attention to detail remain important aspects of our production. We have adapted our processes to integrate machines with our manual techniques, always striving for the highest quality in every pair of shoes.


Blackstone not the average artisans

Witness the collaboration between our talented artisans and cutting-edge machinery as they meticulously create each pair with unparalleled precision and dedication. From hand-selecting the finest materials to meticulously cutting, stitching, and flawlessly finishing every intricate detail, we leave nothing to chance.

Design philosopy and creations

Never underestimate the power of the right shape and fit.

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