About Blackstone

Our story

Blackstone started out as a worker boot brand; tough boots for men and women. 25 years later we offer a wide range of shoe types, for men, women and children, but the shoes are still recognisable as Blackstone. The tough identity is anchored in our DNA.

The strength of Blackstone can be found in the use of qualitative materials we use, the care with which the Blackstone shoes are created by craftsmen and the perfect fit of the shoes. But we’ll always choose our own path, this is not only visible in the design of our shoes, but also in, for example, the wide selection of sizes we offer. Men’s shoes are available in size 39 till size 50. Always. Women’s shoes are available till size 42, some models till size 44.



The quality of our shoes is not only determined by the use of qualitative materials, but also by the people who assemble the shoes. That is why the craftsmen who work for Blackstone, have years of experience in the shoemaking craft. The experience and craftsmanship of these people ensure that the shoes are of a very high quality and have a perfect fit.


Our materials

The materials we use for our shoes are exclusively of high quality. We use materials such as leather, suede, nubuck and canvas for the uppers of the shoes.

But the style of the shoe is not only determined by the upper. The sole also has a large impact. We use leather, rubber and dual density soles, among others. Each type of sole has its own look and properties.



Blackstone offers a 1 year warrenty. We offer this, because we believe in our shoes and the quality we offer. This warrenty is only applicable if the damage that occured, happened outside of your control.We are not liable for damage caused by misuse or daily wear and tear.

Do you have questions about our warrenty or do you want to report damage to your shoes? Contact our customer service department. If you send a mail to customerservice@blackstone.nl with a picture of the shoes, we’ll help you as soon as possible.



Sorry! There are no current vacancies at Blackstone, but you can always submit an open application, including cover letter and CV; info@blackstone.nl.



Contact the central office for PR opportunities;
Blackstone Footwear
Zuidpool 3
2801 RW Gouda
The Netherlands
+31 182 688 029